The most durable and long lasting anti-foul coating currently available. Millions of boat owners worldwide are in the habit of lifting and re-painting their boats every year – Coppercoat puts an end to this costly and time-consuming exercise.

A single treatment commonly provides a high level of anti-fouling protection for a decade or more and has been widely reported in the independent marine press. The Coppercoat on many of the earliest treated vessels are still performing well after 20 years of immersion and continues to do so.

Coppercoat Antifouling is the combination of a specially developed solvent-free epoxy resin and high purity (99%) copper.Each litter of resin is impregnated with 2 kilos of ultra fine copper, the maximum allowed by law, making Coppercoat the strongest copper based anti-fouling available. Indeed no other anti-fouling exposes as much active copper to unwanted marine life. Today Coppercoat alone has a proven lifespan of 10 years plus, with an unequaled continual sales record dating back to 1991. No other copper based epoxy anti-fouling has the enviable pedigree of the original