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The Boating Center of Jeddah

Red Sea Marina is one of Jeddah’s finest marinas. Situated on North Obhur, it is established as the premier destination in the Middle East for yachting.

The 300 berth marina caters for yachts from 8 meters up to 60m in size and gives visitors access to pristine coastlines, uninhabited islands and the nearby cosmopolitan cities of Jeddah.

Red Sea Marina was established by Saudi Brothers Commercial Company in 1987. This legendary undertaking is advantageously based in the superb location within the bank of Obhur Creek just 24 km north of Jeddah. Red Sea Marina covers an area of 53,000 sq.m. and an offshore area of 36,000 sqm. The marina harbors three jetties with a combined capacity of housing 300 boats and yachts. It’s onshore shaded berth spaces can hold up to 108 boats.  This unique marine development was and still located on the bank of Obhor Creek.